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Our Approach

Your Vision

The first step in building your new web application or website is to understand your vision and business goals and how, by working in partnership, we can deploy our technological expertise to achieve these for you.  Crucially, at this stage we'll be able to provide a first estimate of budget and development time frame.

Business Analysis and Technical Analysis

It's not just a question of getting to know your business: we also must consider the user's perspective and we do by capturing your requirements as a series of user stories played out from those users' point of view.  There is more information on this on our FAQ page.

We'll then start to consider the technologies we need to use to deliver your product.  For example, if you need to accept payments then we'll need to think about what payment gateway services you may need (such as PayPal or SagePay).  We'll also discuss the various hosting options available, including using cloud hosting. 


Once you're happy with the design we'll move on to development.  Most people are content to know that their web company understands all this geeky stuff - which we do - but if you really want to know, our expertise is with Microsoft ASP.Net MVC, Web Forms and Umbraco CMS using the C# language as our code base and SQL Server for any database work.  If you want to know more, please check out our FAQ page to get a better understanding of these terms!

QA Process

Once development is complete we try to break the application.  Far better that we do this than some cyber criminal.  Our code goes through a full internal QA process and once we're happy that the application is working as expected and it meets your requirements we will release it to one of our test environments to let you try and break it as well.  This process is often overlooked or understated, but for us it's one of the most important aspects of the development process to prove that your product is right before it gets released to market.


We'll work with you through the release process and be on hand to deal with any immediate problems that may arise.

Maintenance & Support

When we quote for work we include a guarantee period for our code.  This means that we'll fix any problems that haven't been caught during the QA process, free of charge for the duration of the guarantee period.  Once that period is complete we will be happy to offer a continuous support and maintenance package to suit your needs.

If our process sounds like it will work for you then please get in touch with us to discuss your project in detail.